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CPM VS CPC – Which Model Makes More Money?

cpm vs cpc

CPM VS CPC – Which Model Makes More Money?


CPM stand for Cost per thousand impression and it is better than PPC advertising because Ads depends only impression not for clicks.

For example a website that that have 2,000 unique visitor traffic daily and displaying an animated banner with a $3 CPM, than, you will make money $6 per day.
What does “M” stands for in CPM?
“M” stands for the Roman numeral for 1,000.CPM is one of the oldest ways to buy and sell ad inventory, and it’s still the most common method used today.

Different CPM network have different CPM rate. With Best and famous CPM network will be higher the CPM rate reason behind that these CPM network have more advertisers.  For the higher CPM rate you can put the ads to the header of the website.
Some High Paying CPM Advertising Networks are:
  1. Contextweb
  2. Tribal Fusion
  3. Value Click
  5. Casale Media


CPC stands from cost per click.CPC ads don’t Pay for getting viewed a certain number of times Like CPM ads.They Yield only when a real visitor ,a unique Visitor Clicks them.Ads Network makes out the uniqueness of the visitor by tracking its IP  address.What Does that mean?.
It Means You cannt Click your own adds and make Million :) .Some ad Networks Like Google Adsense even suspends Your account if You do so.

Some online advertising services, such as Facebook and Google, give you the option to buy ads by CPM or CPC. When choosing CPC, an advertiser is telling a publisher, “I’m not going to pay you anything unless my ad gets clicked.”

So if you purchase ads at a $5 CPC, with a $1,000 budget, then you are expecting to get 200 clicks throughout the course of your advertising campaign.

Earn money by PPC ads network depends of every click and for more profit the click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) is very important here.
Below are popular CPC advertising networks:
  1. Google Adsense
  2. Chitika
  3. Adbrite
  4. BidVertiser

CPM VS CPC – Which Model Makes More Money?

They are just different Models ,one based on clicks and another on traffic.if You have a high oceanic traffic CPM has more guaranteed sum in it.

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